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A workforce of individuals

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Brand Reputation

Our clients recognise the positive brand impact of a supportive, transparent workplace culture. Rungway's unique purpose allows sensitive topics to be aired and problems addressed. This helps strengthen your external reputation and supports a positive work environment.

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It can be hard when you look different or sound different to raise your hand to ask questions or challenge how things get done. Rungway's anonymity levels the playing field in your organisation. Address the barriers which impact retention of key groups in your workforce and support them with our unique technology. Move from talking about diversity to actually making a difference.



Rungway scales the power of mentoring across your entire organisation, providing measurement and insights into the issues most impacting your people. Why limit people to learning from one manager, when they can access hundreds across the organisation for help-on-demand? From new joiners to experienced employees, unlock knowledge so everyone can benefit from it. 

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Build management capability faster

Provide your senior team with a safe place to seek advice from their peers. Accessible anywhere, Rungway enables organisations to sustain the learnings from their face to face training programs and get anonymised data on the everyday challenges managers face.


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