Is it possible to only check emails once a day?

By 16th November 2016Rungway discussions

Christmas is around the corner and many cannot wait for some well-deserved time off to step away from the computer and recharge. But how many of us will be checking work emails now it’s so easily done on our smartphone? Too many is our prediction!

One Rungway user asked for people’s views on the idea of checking emails in one batch just once a day. There were very mixed reactions to such an idea – here is a selection:

  1. “It would probably mean I’m more productive the rest of the time, but I’m not sure how I would manage the stress and anxiety of knowing that I was about to hit an email tsunami.”
  2. “I love the idea and I plan to try it for a week. I also saw someone say it’s a good idea to add a footer in my email to say what time I’m checking them, so I’ll do that.”
  3. “I like the concept of not having the email distraction but the thought of waiting a day for a response could be frustrating.”
  4. “There are too many people who use email for urgent issues – this would not work at all!”
  5. “I suspect the volume of phone calls we would receive would increase – but would that be a bad thing?”

Sounds like email is far from being dead but many wish there was a better way. Rungway is a great way to get quick feedback on a new idea, so if there’s something on our mind, download the app and ask away!