Equal pay day – what you can do to support

By 8th November 2016Rungway discussions

The 10th November 2016 is Equal Pay Day. This is because on the 10th November the average full-time female employee stops earning for the year, compared to the average full-time male employee. The pay gap is even wider when reviewing salaries of part-time workers and ethnic minorities.

Despite the Equal Pay Act which was put in place 45 years ago, women are still being paid less than men. In fact, accountancy firm Deloitte recently calculated that the gender pay gap in the UK will not close until 2069 based on current salary progression.

Not acceptable.

On the 10th November 2016 at 3:34pm, many women across the country will leave work early. The time has been carefully calculated as 18% early to highlight the 18.1% pay gap for full- and part-time female workers in the UK. This initiative is being led by Stylist Magazine and they invite companies to join them in this simple but symbolic gesture. The pay gap in other countries is different and walk-outs have already happened in France and Iceland this year.

Initiatives like these are great to raise awareness at a national level but we also want to call on you to help people on an individual basis. We often have questions from Rungway users on how to ask for a pay rise or how to deal with pay discrepancies in the organisation. By simply downloading Rungway and imparting your wealth of experience and insight, you can help with issues like equal pay.