How to cope with workplace stress

By 4th November 2016Julie Chakraverty, Top tips

In the light of National Stress Awareness Day this week, our founder, Julie Chakraverty, has been speaking with HR Grapevine and shared her insight and top tips for dealing with workplace stress. Here’s some excerpts from the article:

  • No single definition for stress: Stress means different things to different people, and we all have different tolerances for it. Try to be more tolerant of colleagues who approach things differently – you never know what stress they may be quietly coping with.
  • Stress can be good: Positive anxiety leaves you feeling challenged but focused, out of your comfort zone but believing you can ultimately influence an outcome. By contrast, destructive anxiety can leave you paralysed by fear, feeling overwhelmed, and can impact your health and sleep.
  • A fresh look: Try to consult a trusted friend or mentor for a fresh perspective – they will know what you’re capable of and might appreciate the wider context.
  • One problem at a time: Break down bigger tasks and set deadlines for each part to bring clarity to the process and let you focus on the positives.
  • Take care of yourself: Finding the time for fresh air, a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep can all make a big difference.

So, how can Rungway help you with stress?

Rungway lets you post questions, publicly or anonymously, about anything that’s on your mind at work. Then it matches you to others for private, one-to-one conversations and support. People are posting about office politics, health & family pressures, personal effectiveness – it’s fantastic seeing them get practical advice and varied points of view.

This input is often enough to give people the wisdom to move forward and deal with challenges more effectively. The community has plenty of people who’ve tackled their stress and can empathise with what you might be going through.

Sometimes it’s important to get a fresh perspective outside of our own work and friendship circles, and Rungway is perfect for that – it’s a warm and supportive community. It’s great seeing companies embrace the app too, for employee wellbeing and support.

For more great advice on coping with stress, read the full article on