Rungway reveals… Selina McCole, Banking Executive

By 27th October 2016Rungway reveals...

Our ‘Rungway reveals…’ section on the blog is to spotlight Rungway users. Today, we have the pleasure of profiling Selina McCole.


The best thing about my job is the diversity of opportunity every day. I’ve been in the same division with the same employer for the past 11 years, and am now  on my sixth role with them. I’m often asked to multi-hat, which adds to the diversity of activities and helps ensure there is no time for going stale or feeling bored.  I work with lots of really bright and driven people, in a very multi-cultural environment, so every interaction is a learning opportunity.  Our firm also invites many high-profile inspirational speakers in for talks, to provide broad perspectives on different markets, life experiences, resilience, and more.

Give yourself more credit

I think my life highlight has to be completing the Marathon des Sables, which was the culmination of 11 months of training; a real physical and mental challenge. I went from someone who was running 20-30 mins a day to running six marathons back-to-back in the Sahara Desert and placing in the top 100 runners. I was also the first British woman and the 8th woman overall out of 1,108 people who started. It helped me prove to myself – and hopefully inspire others – that we are all capable of way more than we give ourselves credit for. If we truly put our minds to a goal and have the right plan in place to prepare, there is no limit to what we can achieve. The icing on the cake was raising over £40k for two women’s charities (Aidha and Women for Women International, both of which provide financial education to disadvantaged women). That’s something I’m really proud of.

Giver not a taker

I’ve mainly been caught up in answering questions on Rungway rather than taking the time to post some so far. I get so caught up in answering questions, that I rarely sit back and reflect on what I’d really like help with.  In my opinion though, a good mentor should listen more than they talk, provide options /suggestions for mentees to reflect on (i.e., not the answer) and be truthful about challenges faced.

Helping women, one step at a time

If I wasn’t doing this job I might be out running! Seriously, though, I’d like to combine my new-found love of ultra-running, interest in nutrition and passion for helping women into something impactful in future.  Watch this space…